Library support for Finance & Accounting students during lockdown

Although the library building is currently closed, meaning that print books are unavailable, there are still lots of resources available to Finance & Accounting students. In some areas, we actually have more material, due to publishers increasing availability during the pandemic.


Ebooks are all still searchable through OneSearch, while Ebook Central has granted temporary unlimited licences to all the books on its platform, meaning there is no limit to the number of students that can read them at one time. The University also has temporary trial access to the Harvard Business Publishing Collection, which is the complete collection of over 600 ebooks published by Harvard Business Review Press.

accounting topic finder

Journal articles can still be found through OneSearch, or by using individual databases, such as ABI Inform Global, Academic OneFile, Science Direct, and Emerald. OneSearch searches all databases (including non-Acounting & Finance databases) simultaneously, so using individual databases can reduce the total amount of information and, possibly, make it easier to find articles relating to your topic. Also, you may find certain databases easier to navigate than others. For example, Academic OneFile has a tool called ‘Topic Finder’, which shows keywords as graphics. You can click on different tiles to further narrow down your search results.


For company information, market data, and business news, the University subscribes to a database called Eikon. This database is normally only accessible on a computer in the Business School. However, we have negotiated off-campus access during the pandemic. Please email to request a login and password.



Statista is a comprehensive source of statistics and data. You can search for individual statistics, but Statista also brings together a range of similar statistics into a dossier. For example, when researching the company Apple, Statista provides an overview of the company, company financials, segment information, information about competitors, and details of current and future trends.


Archives of financial news are available through OneSearch by choosing the ‘Newspaper’ tab and selecting ‘Financial’ before entering your search terms. You can also sign up to a free student trial of Bloomberg Media, which lasts until 31st July and gives access to normally-paywalled articles on Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Bloomberg Opinion.


Information of all the library resources available are listed on the library webpages, along with links to all the databases mentioned above.


Above all, it’s really important to know that, although library staff are working from home, they are still available to assist you with your research needs. Feel free to email with any queries.


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