Tourism Geographies Journal

The library has a new subscription to Tourism Geographies.

Tourism Geographies is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal which explores tourism and tourism-related areas of recreation and leisure studies from a geographic perspective. This journal brings together academic and applied research and regional traditions from around the world, including multi-disciplinary approaches from geography and related fields such as anthropology and other social sciences, landscape architecture, urban and regional planning, and environmental science and management.

How do I find it?

You can search in the ‘Find a Journal’ section of OneSearch. Just start to type in the title and it will show up. Click  on ‘available online and then follow the link to ‘Taylor and Francis Online.’

tourism 1

tourism 2


What next?

When you arrive at the journal’s homepage, you can search for themes, keywords or topics that you are interested in.

tourism 3


Alternatively, you can browse and look for articles among the entire collection of previous editions.

tourism 4


How do I read an article?

For any article that you find, you will have the option view the abstract, read the full text online, and save the article as a PDF. Look at the list of references to see similar articles that you may also find useful.

tourism 5


Alternative Formats

When you click on ‘full text’, you will see that there is also an option to listen to an audio version of an article.

tourism 6



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