It’s Black History Month in the Library!

It’s Black History Month across the UK and the Library invites you to spend October exploring some of the best resources we’ve got to offer.

Originally started as a month-long celebration of the contributions made by people of African and Caribbean backgrounds, Black History Month has grown to recognise the achievements of all black people throughout history.

To help you get the most out of Black History Month, the Library has teamed up with the Students’ Union to purchase a number of new e-books on topics including antiracism, the Black Lives Matter movement, and decolonising the university. You can find these e-books in this online reading list, along with a number of other useful resources for you to read and watch throughout the month.

We’ll also be tweeting links to interesting and thought-provoking articles during Black History Month, so why not follow us on Twitter (@Hope_Library)?

If you make an in-person visit to the Sheppard Worlock Library at Hope Park, you will see a display that includes books by authors like Malorie Blackman, Andrea Levy, Zadie Smith, and Benjamin Zephaniah, as well as great films and TV shows like ‘Get Out’ and ‘Luther’. You can borrow anything in the display using the request & collect service.

If there’s a book you’ve enjoyed and you think the Library should own it, why not put the details in the form below, so that we can add it to our collection and other people can enjoy it too?

Just type your name (optional), email address (optional), and any details you have about the book (e.g. title, author, Amazon link) in the boxes below and click ‘Send’!

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